Friday, May 26, 2006


hey there..
ok now i m very nostalgic all of a sudden.. rememberin all d awsome times i've had... in school... NM.. IHM.. all those "Rocking" timess..
Seriously.. feels dam nice have so many cool friends wid me.. i can count on each n every1 of them ya..seriously..
jus wanna thank all of u;ll for being around...

now don do OKAAAAAAAAAA... and ALRIGHTTT.. everyones ekdam senti oka.. hehe..

enjoy people..


Thursday, May 18, 2006


hey guys..
im at singapore rite now!!
hehe..had carried my laptop.. just sat in d room.. clicked on wireless connections.. donno how one was available.. n i got connected to d net!! hehe.. dam happy i m.. hehe..
hehe.. anyway.. i m at Hotel New Park, in an area called Little India.. Nice area..
and Kuala Lumpur already visited.. it was nice... :)
and now i m in my room..planning to go to sleep..
am goin on d cruise tomorwo.. for 2 nights.. really looking forward to it..
My HM friends.. NM Friends.. School friends.. Alll of them...
hehe.. missin India yaar..
neway.. before this wireless net gets disconnected..just want u'll to no that i m really missin all of u'll.. and m comin back soon.. hehe..

Take Care people..

Lots of Love


Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Vacations are here.. (but not there).. hehe

Hello People..
Long time no c..(nor d..e..f.. hehe)
hehe.. arre couldnt update my blog all these days because of this calamity that struck here.. called Exams.. thats y..(but not z ha..hehe)..
Hehe... JOkes apart.. feeling so so so relieved that we r finalllly free yaar..
seriously.. dam happy they r over.. and dam happy atleast they gave us a 3 week break..

So me am going to Singapore and Malaysia in this week.. for around 8 days.. really looking forward to it..

Arre.. during coll, i was waiting for the holidays to start but now some how, m missing coll.. missing all friends.. the whole group.. the ajs that i used to crack.. and the O.K's and ALLLRITE's.. hehe..seriously..coll is cool.. but i'll see it only in october, november now..
BUT... its OKKKK..ALRITE.. hehee....

Chalo me ends it here.. FEEELIN sleeepy..
And Special thanks to Anuj Buddy (not me.. d other one.. hehe..) for his sweet comments on his blog..
See you'll soon..


Keep smilin..


PS- CCD opened in PARLE east.. hehe.. :) :) :)