Thursday, May 31, 2007

High on Life :)

Life is soo amazing - Its raining.. I am on a vacation.. Working for a super mission.. Very happy with life.. :)

Have no complaints with anybody..not even God.. haha..:)
Feel soo perfect today. Wanna feel this everyday..N i will.. :)

Coz..Its my life..i decide whether i wanna live it being high or i choose to be High on Life.Always..
Have learnt a lot from Life..taken it all sure will learn more..
Life is like a 'school for life'..hehehe..I no i repeated life twice, but it makes sense yaa.. hehe :)

So am just loving life..and this love will never die!!! :)

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Life - more real than reality...:)

I just realised that you think so much in a day.. hehe.. atleast I do..

There are soooooooooo many thoughts that come to your head..donno from where..i mean your mind just downloads sooo much.. i dunno from where..its connected i think via WI-Fi or bluetooth or something..hehe :)

Like i thought so much about so many things today.. random thoughts.. its crazy... i thought of sooo many things i wana do in life..including updating my blog everyday..hehe..
wana make it big in life....sometimes seems like a cake walk..n sumtimes like a dream....

I think LIFE IS MORE REAL than REALITY...hehe...

All i know is that Life is cool.. i am cool.. so everythin is cool..:) so everything that i wanna achieve in life.. one day, i will..:)

Living life positively as i said in my previous blog.. following it :)


Monday, May 21, 2007

Life is crazy Buddy :)

All of a sudden, life seems to be moving tooo fast..FY got over.. now SY got over..soon ill be writing that TY got over.. life is funky.. so many times i feel lifes stuck at one place...and so many times(just like right now) i feel its toooo fast.. hehe.. so either i am crazy...or life is....... :)

Life toh is good yaa.. so i must be a crazy part of it.. hehe.. no seriously.. life is always good.. depends on how u c it.. like right now i m tooooo senti senti types..toh its amazingggg :) hehe.. and when i m upset.. then its sad..or it sucks.. bt then from TODAY..i have made up my mind..Life rocks everyday.. i mean if u go to c..there are 1000 reasons life gives u to smile.. they can be anything.. your family..your friends..your special friends ;)..good day at work..a smile from a stranger..ur vacation..ur home..ur foooood :)..SOOOOO manyyy reasons..and say hardly 10 reasons to be sad(sometimes)..say..bad day at work..someone shouted at u..abused u..a break mean hardly anything....
so life is super..look at it that way tooo..hehe.. like right now i am thinkin of all the good things that could happen to my life..and i am super happy..even if i think of d sad things that happened to me..they wouldn affect me...

Looking life positively is sumthin i really really believe in.. IF this dint happen to u.. THAT will..and even if that doesnt..then THHHHAT toh definitely will!!!

so i would just say...RELAXXXXXXXXX :) SMILLLEEEEE :) ENJOOOOYYY :).......irritate friends..bug them..hehe :)Alrightt??Chalo.. Keeeep smiling and comment tooo :) hehe...I have no clue why i wrote this blog.. but then its ok.. i felt it..i did it... :)