Saturday, October 21, 2006

Diwali..ID...India Rocks..

Hey there...
First of all a very very very HAPPY DIWALI and ID MUBARAK to everyone :)

ARRE..IT got over like a week back.. but it still doesnt sink in.. it seems as if few days back we were like o IT will start n donno how it will be.. and now its over!!!
LIFE IS FLYING... hehe.. no need of any airplane.. jus keeps flying..O.k.k.k.k.k....hehehe...

Anyways..College starts in the coming week.. and i m really excited to get back to it.. but dunt wanna study yaar..hehe.. jus wana chill during college days.. BUT i am sure that a few days later i would be making a new post.. saying that HM is over..heheheheh...i am really serious though...

And everything elz is chilled.. Boxer Bhai comes to MUMBAI this Monday.. and Anuj(not me ha...hehehe) comes on itz gonna be damm cool.. everyone should meet up!!

O.K.K.K.K....hehehe.. neways ppl..enjoy the festive season..





Saturday, September 30, 2006

15 days and 15 nights

Hello :)

Long time since i posted.. coz actually i don like the post office na.. hehe..

arre yaar..i m waiting now for my training to get over!! seriously.. not that it was bad or anythin.. but becoz i m missing all of u'll and college n our Fy days yaar.. hehe.. they were like SUPER cool..

Anyways.. Happy birthday to Abhishek Shetty Bhai..Just before he was coming out of his mom's stomach..the doctor had said.."ON THE WAY"...hehehehe..

Arastu dude.. did they allow u back in the hotel or no.. or u r on a holiday??at some inn or somethin?? in some eastern ciy's hotel or somethin.. lol..hehe..

Ashwin toh is now happy wid bell Desk.. :)

Anushtoop got a new merc.. which he is gonna get to IHM Mumbai everyday.. but he'll be SAD while comin..hehe..and will also sing vande

Arjun Boxer is trying to cut down his mobile bill now.. he finally understood that the bill shouldn exceed 10,000..

Aniroodh Chef is in the kitchen these dayss...

Adeeyyy must be busy with his "DON" photoshoot..with blankets n all over his face...

Menon plays the guitar for the ghosts nowadays.. he makes them listen to new songs on his ngage..

Anup goes for DANDIYA everyday..hez happy and is celebrating

Anuj(not me ha) drives his scooter these days.. n sneaks into his own house.. hehe. . :)

hehe..i guess thats enough for the day.. im just gonna chill now.. have this weekend off somehow.. :)
so c u'll soon ..

miss each one of u..from the bottom of my house..hehe..whenever i go down i miss u'll..hehe.. jus kiddin..enjoY peoplesss...

Keep Smiling :)

Thursday, September 07, 2006

A new year..No no...a new month..No no...a new day..No no... a new hour..No no... o i mean..A new POST... lol


GOD.. Please forgive me..its not my fault.. i duno wat i do...

Hello guys..(and gals..if any)..

Had gone to college today.. i.e. IHM,Mumbai.. and the BIGGGEST NEWS...


so.. even if we dun make good food.. people have other options!!!!!!!! and yea..that also means that if we do not like the food..even we can eat there ha... not that only they can eat or anything.. u c.. hehe...

actually duno wats wrong wid me..but in this wierd funny mood.. jus like one of those sidey college days.. met menon..arastu and ashwin..and adey.. and money.. o i mean mani.. hehe.. and had a blast.. i mean not like a bomb blast or nething.. but its just like a way of expressing u no.. hehe.. lol.. anyways.. arastu is rite.. no mean left beside me.. and is yawning while i m typing all the sad lines and anyways.. really wana get back to college.. and irritate everyone.. and everytwo also..lolololol... hehe.. arastu doesnt know meaning of lol.. so for him.. it is LAugh out loud.. hehe.. lol..he is so dumbbbb..lololol.... GOD..please help him..

hehe.. anyways.. he is really like in the OKKKK..Alrite mood rite (i mean left) mood.. hehe.. so i shall end it for the moment.. u'll take care.. and anushtoop buddy.. dun be SUPER sad.. hehe.. lol.. duno y i m writing all this but stil...

Monday, September 04, 2006

OcToBer's cOminG..


How u guys doin ha?? (not the "haha" wala ha..the normal ha..ha..hehe)

Hehe.. Guys..Its been a long long time yaar..since we've all met.. missing all of u'll a lot!! trust me.. i no when we get to college we r all again gonna be like..shit man..coll sux..and this n that.. but deep inside us there is this cool yaar..we r in college!! :)

N.. i also m missing those juices and milkshakes we had..(near the station)..specially i n anuj(not me ha..mind u'll..hehe) near that station.. those strawberry shakes.. arre waa.. kya baat hai...

anyways.. About my training.. Our fam trip started i.e goin n seing other depts of the hotel.. 1 week in 1 dept.. so HK was BAD.. jus went for ONE hehe.. F n B mein i was in the coffee shop.. which was WORST..just went for one day AGAIN!!.. hehe..and now kitchen starts from wednesday..for 6 days.. lets c how many days i attend there.. hehe.. hope its ONE again.. lol..

WELL EVERYONE...very very very important infact GREAT NEWS.. our ARASTU buddy started picking up his phone.. (very very often ha).. sometimes in 1 or 2 rings.. (a true HM student u c..)...hehe.... well watever has made him do that.. good for all of us.. hehe.. atleast now we can call him on his cell and for a change, even get to TALK to him!!!!!


Menon bhai.. keep reading ur comments.. sorry man for posting so late always..

Shetty bhai(BADA SHETTY) toh i dont no where he is..

Chota Shetty toh is wid me.. in HK and F n B.. we both bunked together!!(and after seing these 2 depts..he really really respects BELL DESK now..hehe)...

Arastu buddy.. as i mentioned before..very glad brother that u pick up ur phone these days.. hehe.. and really really liked ur doctor..o i mean..FO uniform.. hehe...

Anuj Bhai..(not me ha..d other one..mind u..).. I remember BTK yaar.. it was awsome man.. u did the jointin n filleting and stuff.. i did potatoes and sweet n soup.. u cleared up sometimes.. i cleared sometimes...hehe.. we both screwed up...EVERYTIME!! hehe...

Arjun Bhai.. i mean Boxer Bhai.. go for training dude..sometimes toh atleast..i mean u have real good company man.. plus.. ITDC man.. don miss it!! hehe.. jus kiddin man.. will do ur laptop transfer n everythin when u come back...

Anushtoop bhai.. i guess is married.. CoNGRATULATIONS dude..!!

Ajay.. o i mean ADEY.. has left his training and is auditioning for BIHAR politics.. as u can c his pic on ORKUT..hehe... always he is 'Rocking'...

and everyone else..(sorry if i forgot to write..).. really miss u'll man..

Hope october comes real soon(hehe..had to write that becoz my title is that na..otherwise u no i would get minus marks or somethin..hehe..)..GOD..forgive me.. itz ont my fault.. i duno wat i m doin..hehe..

Chalo people.. take care guys.. keep rocking.. keep smiling.. keep laughing..(hahahaha..not the normal ha..ha.. u no..)...hehe..

Lots and lots and lots of 'Rocks' (coz i want us to ROCK).. hehe ..


Wednesday, August 16, 2006

HApPy InDEpenDencE DAy..:)

Hello peopleeee.. :)

First of all..very very sorry guys.. for taking so long to update..

Anyways.. HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY guys.. it feeels really really really very very very proud to be an INDIAN. seriously..

i mean common guys where else do u find a country where u find all the types of people.. black..brown..white..sweet..rude..beautiful..funny..sad..happy.. where d hell would u find people jus celebrating for small things.. people making a fuss about small things.. people forgiving and forgetting nething... where else in the world would u find 2 strangers jus getting into a converstation..jus smiling over a joke.. or jus helpin someone u dunt even know.. it feels great to be a part of this beautiful country.. where else would u find people so welcoming.. food so delicious.. love so overflowing.. smiles all over.. celebrations everywhere.. i m sure nowhere..except INDIA.. so JAI HIND everyone.. :) :) :)

Alrite..Grand Hyatt Mumbai is this cool place.. mannnny people..(excluding guests).. hehe.. my team members r cool.. except a few... my team leaders r cool.. my job is cool.. we have a fam trip (i.e goin to other depts) comin soon..n its gonna be for THREEEE WEEEKS ONLLLLLLLLYY!!! hehe.. 3 weeks to learn bout all d other depts.. i guess i m only gonna learn how to wear other hehe.. anywaysss.. started filling my log book that day.. realised that 11 weeks r already over.. that means we r more than half way through.. common people!!

Spoke after a very long time to Arastu.. felt really nice.. spokee to Arjun bhai and Anuj ( not me ha.. kandwal)..hehe.. met bimaari after a long time.. spoke to swaraliii mam also..hehe.. felt nice.. remembering college a lot.. missing also a lott.. all d tp that we did.. n i m sure that we'll continue that after we get back to college.. went a few weeks back to college.. saw the first year crowd.. dint quite like it.. but im still very very excited to get back to college yaar..

neways all of u'll.. jus wanna thnk u'll for making my first year in colelge so beautifull n becomin a real imp. part of my life.. cherish our friendship.. really very glad that we all met.. :) and plz plz keep smilin always alrite..

EnjoY PeoplEssss.. :)


Sunday, July 09, 2006

Buddy is bored..:)

Heyloo Buddies..

Arre lifes moving so fast and in the same way everyday..i dint even realise that itz been a long time since i've updated the blog.. hehe..

I am in d same dept.. hehe.. liking it somehow.. nice atmosphere..nice work..
But itz boring yaar everyday going to work.. First go.. change... go for briefing..go to the dept.. go for a brk.. come back.. go for dinner.. come back.. sit in d office till 12.. go chaneg.. go home.. come online.. itz like too monotaneous..

Anyway..i guess the Hotel Industry works that way.. :( so any inconvenience caused is regretted..hehe..

And as it is we all know.. "ITS NOT OUR FAULT!!!!".. "WE DO NOT KNOW WAT WE DO"..hehe..

Missing all of you'll too much yaar.. seriously.. remembering the theory lectures and the way we used to freaking irritate everyone!!!! lol.. hehe..

But its oka.. we'll continue doing that after getting back to college.. :)
So itz all cool.. Yea.. and i dunno wat else to i guess i'll end it rite here.. and i guess d fite should also take a brk.. and everyone should have a kitkat.. and not any other chocolate.. alrite!! hehe..

so thats it 4 now.(not 5 ha..only 4) thats it.. hehe.. so enjoy.. keep smiling..KEEp laughing..keep screwing during the IT..and arastu buddy.. Alll d best buddy.. hope we do not get a junior arastu or nething.. be carefull.. lol.. hehe..imagine we r writing our final exams..n arastu is asking for suppliment.n one lil guy says..papa.. lolol..

ok now i duno y i wrote all that..but still..its OKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA...alriteeee!! hehe

Enjoy People

Keep smilin

and keep updating!!

-Anuj Buddy-

Monday, June 19, 2006

Working at the Grand Hyatt :)

hey people..
long time since i've posted anythin..because my IT has started.. n itz goin good..
i m liking it .. like at d Grand Hyatt, u dun train in all d depts..
u will be in one department throughout.. so itz cool.. i m in the Communication Centre, which is a part of the Front Office all msgs, faxes, calls, requests handling, happens in that department... itz nice...

Rite now i m doing the afternoon shift which is from 3pm to 12 am.. My colleagues are cool.. so i m enjoying it..

Anyway.. Baki.. Life is good.. feeling big all of a sudden.. like working n all..everyday u go to work.. come back.. get up next day.. n go to work.. i mean sometimes u dun even realise ki college is still left.. so.. itz different.. but itz cool..

And.. no one else.. except abhyshake n arjun have updated their blogs.... so pls update ur blog guys..
( hehe.. i no if they were reading other blogs they would be updating theirs i duno y i m writing this.. but still...hehe..)

Anyways.. i m cracking AJs in my dept too.. hehe.. itz cool.. miss u guys a lot.. all my HM friends.. itz lil incomplete widout u'll.. so jus wana say thnx to u'll .. for making First Year so nice... and our bewda friend..Ashwin.. finally took a sim card.. 9833631691 .. so u'll can keep in touch wid him too.. n hez at d bell desk.. hez not liking it.. i hope they change his dept yaar.. and anushtoop has stopped goin to d hotel.. hez not likin it either i guess.. so hez sitting all day at home doin some calculations..hehe..aniroodh.. i sometimes bump into him at work.. hez in d kitchen.. kaushtup is wid bewda.. so bewda is all d more sad..hehe.. n yea.. thats it i guess...

Feeling nice that i m updating my blog.. thinking of goin to coll tomrw.. jus to meet d other batch..n d teachers.. (if they'll be there...)..

Anyways.. Baaki everythin is cool.. VERY VERY Hungry rite now.. but itz okaaaaaa....alriteeeeeeeeeeee... hehe...

Chalo Enjoy Guyzzzzz...

Bye BYe


Friday, May 26, 2006


hey there..
ok now i m very nostalgic all of a sudden.. rememberin all d awsome times i've had... in school... NM.. IHM.. all those "Rocking" timess..
Seriously.. feels dam nice have so many cool friends wid me.. i can count on each n every1 of them ya..seriously..
jus wanna thank all of u;ll for being around...

now don do OKAAAAAAAAAA... and ALRIGHTTT.. everyones ekdam senti oka.. hehe..

enjoy people..


Thursday, May 18, 2006


hey guys..
im at singapore rite now!!
hehe..had carried my laptop.. just sat in d room.. clicked on wireless connections.. donno how one was available.. n i got connected to d net!! hehe.. dam happy i m.. hehe..
hehe.. anyway.. i m at Hotel New Park, in an area called Little India.. Nice area..
and Kuala Lumpur already visited.. it was nice... :)
and now i m in my room..planning to go to sleep..
am goin on d cruise tomorwo.. for 2 nights.. really looking forward to it..
My HM friends.. NM Friends.. School friends.. Alll of them...
hehe.. missin India yaar..
neway.. before this wireless net gets disconnected..just want u'll to no that i m really missin all of u'll.. and m comin back soon.. hehe..

Take Care people..

Lots of Love


Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Vacations are here.. (but not there).. hehe

Hello People..
Long time no c..(nor d..e..f.. hehe)
hehe.. arre couldnt update my blog all these days because of this calamity that struck here.. called Exams.. thats y..(but not z ha..hehe)..
Hehe... JOkes apart.. feeling so so so relieved that we r finalllly free yaar..
seriously.. dam happy they r over.. and dam happy atleast they gave us a 3 week break..

So me am going to Singapore and Malaysia in this week.. for around 8 days.. really looking forward to it..

Arre.. during coll, i was waiting for the holidays to start but now some how, m missing coll.. missing all friends.. the whole group.. the ajs that i used to crack.. and the O.K's and ALLLRITE's.. hehe..seriously..coll is cool.. but i'll see it only in october, november now..
BUT... its OKKKK..ALRITE.. hehee....

Chalo me ends it here.. FEEELIN sleeepy..
And Special thanks to Anuj Buddy (not me.. d other one.. hehe..) for his sweet comments on his blog..
See you'll soon..


Keep smilin..


PS- CCD opened in PARLE east.. hehe.. :) :) :)

Thursday, April 06, 2006


Hello people :)

I got through Grand Hyatt for my training :) which starts in June..
Coll gets over tomrw.. officially.. first year was FAST!!
It seems just few months back i was preparing for my entrance.. and then went to delhi.. and now.. First year getting over...

Exams start on 17th.. till 5th May.. long time.. hehe.. only 3 weeks holiday after that.. and then training starts.. :)

Dont feel like studying now.. so am just updating my blog.. will do some more tp.. hehe..

Anyway.. Happy India to you.. :)


Tuesday, March 28, 2006

NOKIA 3230!!

Hey there,
Me bought a new Nokia 3230 phone yesterday..
along with a 512 mb memory card!!
so the phone is totally 'ROCKING'..:).. hehe..
havent yet got my hyatt interview results..donno wat they r doin..
anyway.. everythin elz seems to be cool in life..
have a nice day.. thnx for reading this .. hehe..


Friday, March 24, 2006

BPL is a LIAR :)

Hey people,
i have been using BPL Mobile since around 3 years now (duno why i m still continuing it), but it totally totally SUCKS!!!
The network is so so so so BAD that i have to talk on the window each time i get a call at home.
When i speak to the Customer Service dept, they just inform me about the network towers that are there in my area.. i think they expect me to climb on them n sit n talk.. hehe.. they do not understand that their feedback doesnt help me in any way...
So to conclude i would just say BPL TOTALLY TOTALLY SUCKS..
Hope it becomes Hutch soon..:)
Enjoy people..


PS- Had my Hyatt training interview yesterday.. hope i get through.. :)

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Hey People,
Wish you a very Happy Holi :)
Where else do u see so many people.. from different cultures.. different backgrounds coming together to celebrate a festival.. throwing colours.. throwing water.. at people they people they dont no.. at everyone!! You just see this in INDIA..

Too proud to be an INDIAN..
Jai HIND :)


Sunday, March 05, 2006

C'est Moi..:) Posted by Picasa


hey ppl,
This is Anuj Jodhani.. Starting my blog today..
Jus adding this msg to see how my page looks.. hehe..
See ya around..