Tuesday, March 28, 2006

NOKIA 3230!!

Hey there,
Me bought a new Nokia 3230 phone yesterday..
along with a 512 mb memory card!!
so the phone is totally 'ROCKING'..:).. hehe..
havent yet got my hyatt interview results..donno wat they r doin..
anyway.. everythin elz seems to be cool in life..
have a nice day.. thnx for reading this .. hehe..


Friday, March 24, 2006

BPL is a LIAR :)

Hey people,
i have been using BPL Mobile since around 3 years now (duno why i m still continuing it), but it totally totally SUCKS!!!
The network is so so so so BAD that i have to talk on the window each time i get a call at home.
When i speak to the Customer Service dept, they just inform me about the network towers that are there in my area.. i think they expect me to climb on them n sit n talk.. hehe.. they do not understand that their feedback doesnt help me in any way...
So to conclude i would just say BPL TOTALLY TOTALLY SUCKS..
Hope it becomes Hutch soon..:)
Enjoy people..


PS- Had my Hyatt training interview yesterday.. hope i get through.. :)

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Hey People,
Wish you a very Happy Holi :)
Where else do u see so many people.. from different cultures.. different backgrounds coming together to celebrate a festival.. throwing colours.. throwing water.. at people they no..at people they dont no.. at everyone!! You just see this in INDIA..

Too proud to be an INDIAN..
Jai HIND :)


Sunday, March 05, 2006

C'est Moi..:) Posted by Picasa


hey ppl,
This is Anuj Jodhani.. Starting my blog today..
Jus adding this msg to see how my page looks.. hehe..
See ya around..