Friday, March 24, 2006

BPL is a LIAR :)

Hey people,
i have been using BPL Mobile since around 3 years now (duno why i m still continuing it), but it totally totally SUCKS!!!
The network is so so so so BAD that i have to talk on the window each time i get a call at home.
When i speak to the Customer Service dept, they just inform me about the network towers that are there in my area.. i think they expect me to climb on them n sit n talk.. hehe.. they do not understand that their feedback doesnt help me in any way...
So to conclude i would just say BPL TOTALLY TOTALLY SUCKS..
Hope it becomes Hutch soon..:)
Enjoy people..


PS- Had my Hyatt training interview yesterday.. hope i get through.. :)


Cookie said...

Hey, I am a user of BPL too. And I've been usin it for 5 years. But it hasn't given me as mush trouble as it has Anuj. The good thing, though, if it turns into Hutch will be, we'll all be using the same network and that would obviously be a good thing!

Anuj :) said...

yea cookie..i m facing serious probs here ya..
have tried to fight also so many times.. they r not ready to help only.. :(
hope it becomes HUTCH..

Anuj :) said...

ok cookie is u dhruvi buddy.. hehe..
enjoy buddy

brazebison said...

ye word on bpl is the final one!!

thou are the lord of aj's!!!

blessed is ihm under your divine grace!!

all heil the mighty anuj!!
all heil!!