Saturday, September 30, 2006

15 days and 15 nights

Hello :)

Long time since i posted.. coz actually i don like the post office na.. hehe..

arre yaar..i m waiting now for my training to get over!! seriously.. not that it was bad or anythin.. but becoz i m missing all of u'll and college n our Fy days yaar.. hehe.. they were like SUPER cool..

Anyways.. Happy birthday to Abhishek Shetty Bhai..Just before he was coming out of his mom's stomach..the doctor had said.."ON THE WAY"...hehehehe..

Arastu dude.. did they allow u back in the hotel or no.. or u r on a holiday??at some inn or somethin?? in some eastern ciy's hotel or somethin.. lol..hehe..

Ashwin toh is now happy wid bell Desk.. :)

Anushtoop got a new merc.. which he is gonna get to IHM Mumbai everyday.. but he'll be SAD while comin..hehe..and will also sing vande

Arjun Boxer is trying to cut down his mobile bill now.. he finally understood that the bill shouldn exceed 10,000..

Aniroodh Chef is in the kitchen these dayss...

Adeeyyy must be busy with his "DON" photoshoot..with blankets n all over his face...

Menon plays the guitar for the ghosts nowadays.. he makes them listen to new songs on his ngage..

Anup goes for DANDIYA everyday..hez happy and is celebrating

Anuj(not me ha) drives his scooter these days.. n sneaks into his own house.. hehe. . :)

hehe..i guess thats enough for the day.. im just gonna chill now.. have this weekend off somehow.. :)
so c u'll soon ..

miss each one of u..from the bottom of my house..hehe..whenever i go down i miss u'll..hehe.. jus kiddin..enjoY peoplesss...

Keep Smiling :)

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neo said...

Hey hey looks whose heya? U never mentioned ur blog to me eh? So ur a big chef in a fancy restaurant, erm Hotel! Lol check my blog too