Monday, March 22, 2010

Expect? May be, Accept :)

Me and a friend of mine always laugh when we think of EXPECTATIONS... because its such a funny thing.. u expect, u want things to happen in a certain way, n then they dont happen sometimes/most of the times..n then u feel hurt/dejected/rejected... so i was thinkin that instead of 'expecting', may be we should jus start 'accepting'..

I was eating at a Chinese restaurant yesterday and i got a fortune cookie which read.. ACCEPT THINGS YOU CANNOT CHANGE and YOU WILL FEEL BETTER... and i was like..o.k.k.k.k :) that makes sense.. that was totally needed then :) n i think i did feel better...

.. i think its okay if u dont get somethings that u really want sometimes.. if v did get everythin we wanted, then it would be a very ungrateful world we would live in.. so im gonna accept things n start feeling better (hopefully).. now may be thats an expectation im creating.. haha.. no bt i totally think it makes sense.. the only person U have total control in life is 'U' so its possible to change 'U'.. but not the other person.. the person u totally have expectations with.. so change U and be happy..

to think bout it.. y do u expect that person to do this or that...or be this or that.. so that it brings happiness in ur life.. bt if it isnt then wats the point? rather accept things, be happy.. :)

i think i have put my thoughts the way i thought i would.. :) i duno if u think in the same way or think in any other way.. i'll just accept all that comes my way :)

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