Thursday, May 31, 2007

High on Life :)

Life is soo amazing - Its raining.. I am on a vacation.. Working for a super mission.. Very happy with life.. :)

Have no complaints with anybody..not even God.. haha..:)
Feel soo perfect today. Wanna feel this everyday..N i will.. :)

Coz..Its my life..i decide whether i wanna live it being high or i choose to be High on Life.Always..
Have learnt a lot from Life..taken it all sure will learn more..
Life is like a 'school for life'..hehehe..I no i repeated life twice, but it makes sense yaa.. hehe :)

So am just loving life..and this love will never die!!! :)


Cookie said...

hey buddy :) - the cartoon's cute!
& always this is another example of your mission statement
keep up the good work buddy!! :)

Cookie said...

You're right buddy
We all touch each other's lives in some way or the other!!
Anyway you can eat now!!! yay!!!!

Priya Kumar said...

Hehehe its fun :O)
Found a typo error ;o) In the last line. What to do, i am a pro at editing now in the company of your brother hehhe :O)

"So am just love life..and this love will never die!!! :)"

Priya Kumar said...

Hey, why arent you writing anymore :O) ???

numerous said...

arre buddy kp on enjoying life the way u do... may b others can learn hw to enjoy it from u...
(wow that was rhyming.heheh) take care and kp smiling :)

The Bull said...

aaho aa? tussi taan likhna hi band kar ditta e?

Priya Kumar said...

Hi !! No new blogs ??? I keep checking often :O)

Vishal said...

boy, u rock..
i was feeling low..and i read your blog and i m happier now :-)
will look at life differently and appreciate it more..
miss u..