Sunday, May 27, 2007

Life - more real than reality...:)

I just realised that you think so much in a day.. hehe.. atleast I do..

There are soooooooooo many thoughts that come to your head..donno from where..i mean your mind just downloads sooo much.. i dunno from where..its connected i think via WI-Fi or bluetooth or something..hehe :)

Like i thought so much about so many things today.. random thoughts.. its crazy... i thought of sooo many things i wana do in life..including updating my blog everyday..hehe..
wana make it big in life....sometimes seems like a cake walk..n sumtimes like a dream....

I think LIFE IS MORE REAL than REALITY...hehe...

All i know is that Life is cool.. i am cool.. so everythin is cool..:) so everything that i wanna achieve in life.. one day, i will..:)

Living life positively as i said in my previous blog.. following it :)



priyanka said...

cheers to that dude!!

Priya Kumar said...

I like that your blog is full of smiles. I like your spirit. And i can actually visualise you smiling all through your words. Nice !

The Bull said...

updating the blog everyday??
hmmm..seems to be a long shot man!!!

Cookie said...

what is this love, though? ;)