Thursday, March 06, 2008

Thank you existence....

Dear Existence,

Thank you for being so nice with me always. Coming to think of it there are soooooo many things you've done and not done for me which have made me what I am today. Be it my being born on the day I am.. or being born to such a beautiful family.. or making me go through some tough days and making me experience some awsome years.. and for everything else... If I start writing each and every thing for which I am grateful to you, I would probably be sitting and writing this blog all night... But from the bottom of my heart thanks for everything. I owe you so much. I am going to always gonna respect you dear life.. thanks for being so beautiful.

Lots & Lots of Love,
Anuj Jodhani
22:45 pm - 6th March 2008.
Mumbai, India.


citizen of neverland said...

so true buddy...

u knw once a man went to heaven n d head angel took him for a tour around d place..
one dept fr all d prayers recd by god..major work goin on in dat dept..rly hectic life..
anodr dept wit sending replies to all d prayers..again alotta work being done der too...
d 3rd dept had hardly any work arnd..wen d man asd head angel y was it so..he said its d dept of recieved thanks aftr wishes fullfilled...n not too many ppl actually care to thank god fr what they have..

if only each n evry1 of us makes an attempt of thanking god evryday fr watever we have..lifes jst gna feel better each moment..

p.s-u must be wondering who i am..
theek hai theek hai
keep wondering...
u myte forget me..
but il always love u..
n i told u im ready to leave ur boxer bhai for u :P
tc buddy

The Bull said...