Saturday, July 11, 2009

Life & Happy-ness

Everyone says Life is funnny.. well if its funny, it's suppose to make you laugh.. laughing = bein in a happy state.. :) which makes me wonder if LIFE = HAPPINESS?

I see everyone wanting a little bit.. actually lots of happiness in their lives.. for someone its bein with their special someone.. for someone its bout living a healthy life.. for someone its about money..for someone its about food.. :) but it all comes down to happiness at the end of the day.. if I am doing something which is not makin me happy.. i dun wana do it.. if it makes me happy.. i love doin it.. Also if you see all corporates are using 'Happiness' to sell their products.. Videocon = Change is happiness.. Coke = Open Happiness.. Dominos = Share happiness..
So basically everyone wants happiness :)

Lately whenever I have thought about life.. i dun c any reason for not being happy.. i have no complaints with life! Ofcourse there are times when I go like I wish this happens..or IF this happened... But all that is desire.. life has been just been PERFECT! Ofcourse there have been UPS..DOWNS..LOWS..VERY LOWS..HIGHS..SUPER HIGHS... but all of that has made it fun.. really.. coming to think of it.. if I had to re-live my life, I would want it to be in the same way!
HAPPINESS is a state of inner-being...:)

So I guess Happyness is around :) And I wish she is around always :)

Thank you Happyness...Thank you Life :)
Me :)
Saturday 11 July 2009

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and there was THE ONE said...

funny tht i came to see ure blog but then life is funny!!!!lol
good to have u bak here agen!!!